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We work with clients across a wide variety of industries, but we have a special relationship with the insurance world. It’s where we got our start!

We originally designed our machine learning-based solution to link 150 million messy insurance policy records across thousands of different databases. Our clients are still using and building on those linkages today.

Since then, we’ve deepened our expertise in the field. We understand the serious data management challenges insurance agencies face. Not only is insurance-related data complex and ever-changing, but it comes from disparate sources that log the same coverage names, companies, or loss reasons using wildly different spellings and formats.

RecordLinker gives you the tools to apply a canonical record normalization system that is flexible and scalable. Our years of experience in the insurance industry mean we can confidently validate the poor inputs that are holding you back.

RecordLinker can ingest data from the top management systems used by insurance agencies (AMS360, Epic, Sagitta, TAM, Vision, QQ, BenefitPoint, and many others) and carriers (Guidewire, Duck Creek). You can use RecordLinker to normalize your issuing papers, parent companies, broker names, coverages, and loss reason to your target reference data set, be it one of the systems above, or a different set of canonical records in your analytical data mart.

To stay current, we license a global carrier tree from AMBest, so you can rest assured that the canonical list of companies we’re working with is always in sync with the latest industry changes.

Without requiring changes to your data infrastructure or workflow, we can help bring harmony and manageability to your data. Get in touch with us to learn more about our experience with insurance and how we can apply it to your unique challenges.

RecordLinker can ingest data from the top management systems used by insurance Agencies, Wholesalers, and Carriers

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