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We work with clients across a wide variety of industries, but we have a special relationship with the insurance world. It’s where we got our start!

Modern ML Data Insurtech

RecordLinker gives you the tools to apply a canonical record normalization system that is flexible and scalable.

RecordLinker can ingest data from the top management systems used by insurance agencies (AMS360, Epic, Sagitta, TAM, Vision, QQ, BenefitPoint, and many others) and carriers (Guidewire, Duck Creek).

You can use RecordLinker to normalize your issuing papers, parent companies, broker names, branches, coverages, and loss reasons to your target reference data set, be it one of the systems above, or a different set of canonical records in your analytical data mart.


Our Capabilities for Insurance Data Management

RecordLinker comes with a number of capabilities. It’s not just about linkages, we design our insurtech solution in a way that brings massive quality-of-life improvements to how you work on linkages and manage your data.

Entity Resolution and Data Conversion

  • Link data from disparate systems to your core system, mapping records to your golden records.
  • Enable easier system migration when you decide to replatform or when you are growing via acquisitions.
  • Automate creation of vendor CSV or Excel conversion files – instead of manually building conversion files required by the vendor’s professional services, use RecordLinker to produce these files automatically.
Linking Input Data to Your Golden Records

Vertafore Orange Partner

We synchronize your companies, lines of business, employees, and many more via API from the AMS360 in real-time, so that our ML and your conversion team always work on the latest official set of AMS360 companies from your system.

We integrate with SmartMap  so that you can start your migrations without waiting for backup to be restored in the conversion portal.

Data Mart Standardization

  • Standardize records in your data mart – forget about fragmented reporting and transforming data and creating complex filters in the BI layer.
  • See data laid out as a tree or clusters to understand relationships and hierarchies.
  • Work on data mart records in a consitent way – RecordLinker offers exactly the same user experience for people converting data into AMS and working on data mart stadnardization.
  • Use ML to accurately find linkages for hundreds of records that vary in spellings and word order – stop wasting time on complex RegEx and inefficient phrase matching rules.
Data Mart Standardization Capabilities

Insurance Data Management

  • Create and configure new records and add them in bulk – forget about creating and editing records in outdated core system menus one by one. We make use of APIs that enable bulk changes.
  • Work in a draft mode – decide when you finalize your work, never lose unsaved changes due to your enterprise software limitations.
  • Enjoy approvals and labeling options.
  • Generate quality reports for your core system records.

Without requiring changes to your data infrastructure or workflow, we can help bring harmony and manageability to your data. Get in touch with us to learn more about our experience with insurance and how we can apply it to your unique challenges.

Feature List

Our full list of capabilities and quality-of-life features.

How It Works

A few main points in preparing your data for standradization.

ML-matched records (company names) presented in a tree structure

How It Feels To Use RecordLinker

“I just finished mapping all of First Fidelity. Once I got the hang of it, it went super fast. It’s a revelation! I feel like the program did all the work for me. If I have to go back to the old way of mapping ever, I’ll be so sad!”

— Meg Schuldt
PCF Insurance Services, data conversion team

Whether you are a broker, wholesaler, or carrier – feel free to contact us and ask for capabilities specific to your use cases.

We work hard with clients on features and create highly customizable Proofs of Concept. We behave like partners to give you a solution that works for you first, and only then discuss deals.

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