Agency Management System Migration for Insurance Brokers

Agency Management System migrations come with all sorts of challenges. Source systems and destination systems differ a lot. There are many to choose from: Applied Epic, TAM, Vision, Gen4, EZLynx, ConceptOne, AMS360, BenefitPoint, Sagitta, AIM. This means that conversions force your data team to work different file formats and vendor conversion portals.

Conversion Problems Insurance Brokers Encounter

The insurance industry does not only make use of different AMS and data formats. There is no uniform standard for coding carrier names, coverages, lines of business, locations, damage types, car makes etc. This means that records even from two AMS systems of the same vendor can be coded in different ways, which creates a large standardization overhead.

These disjointed records take a lot of time to standardize, because you have to manually establish the correspondence between input records and records in your destination AMS. It is a tedious grind.


How Conversions Become Painless with RecordLinker

RecordLinker gives you a friendly, consistent toolset to standardize your data.

Our solution takes the most tedious part of the Agency Management System migration job that is telling your core system which new records belong to specific destination in your golden record set. No matter the file format and type of data you standardize, you get a super consistent, automated way of matching different records. RecordLinker’s specialized ML algorithms can auto-map up to 95% of records, leaving you just with the task to approve new input-canonical pairs or introduce edits.

RecordLinker excels in making lives of data migration teams easier by providing additional options like quality checks of your golden records, API synchronization between RecordLinker and your Agency Management Systems for real-time updates, collaboration options for labeling problematic items, hierarchical tree-view of your records, direct access to AM Best search, manual clustering, and more. 

Which Agency Management Systems RecordLinker Supports

We are vendor-agnostic; with RecordLinker your are able to handle data migration between any systems. Our tool can help with any source and target Agency Management System solution.

RecordLinker can handle various systems – both as a source and destination – including: AMS360, Sagitta, BenefitPoint, QQ, Epic, TAM, Vision, and other Agency Management Systems.

You can start working on records in RecordLinker with an .xlsx file containing your records. There is also an option to pull and push data through API – we don’t need access to your database, and you decide what gets pulled into RecordLinker.


Vertafore Orange Partner

We synchronize your companies, lines of business, employees, and many more via API from the AMS360 in real-time, so that our ML and your conversion team always work on the latest official set of AMS360 companies from your system.

We integrate with SmartMap  so that you can start your migrations without waiting for backup to be restored in the conversion portal.

How It Feels To Use RecordLinker

“I just finished mapping all of First Fidelity. Once I got the hang of it, it went super fast. It’s a revelation! I feel like the program did all the work for me. If I have to go back to the old way of mapping ever, I’ll be so sad!”

— Meg Schuldt
PCF Insurance Services, data conversion team

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