Achieve data harmony in one click

Quit wasting resources manually linking messy data sets. RecordLinker makes normalizing your records fast and hassle-free.

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Messy data is holding you back

Data is the lifeblood of your company – but over time, inconsistencies in the way records are entered in different systems lead to skewed insights and inefficiency. 

Whether you’re struggling to normalize your Data Mart or have highly experienced people spending too much time in Excel files manually entering data for system conversions, normalizing your data with Machine Learning can save you millions.

Who is RecordLinker for?

RecordLinker works across dozens of industries, big or small.


Broker Agency Management Systems as well as Carrier Core Policy Systems suffer from too much customization flexibility which leads to inconsistent naming standards: products might be labeled “General Liability” in some databases and “Gen Liab.” in others, costing your company an incredible amount of time and money during conversions or attempting to clean up a data mart. RecordLinker can help you integrate all of your data, spot discrepancies, and ensure accuracy with our machine learning-driven flow.

Automotive & Manufacturing

In the automotive and manufacturing industry, each part supplier has its own nomenclature for the part/material specification documents: ‘Diameter’ vs ‘Dia. (mm)’ vs ‘Inner Diameter’. How can you find compatible parts with the required diameter across hundreds of thousands of such records? RecordLinker’s intuitive matching algorithms help you to quickly identify and standardize parts attributes and their values, ensuring that your records are comparable.


When you’re working with dozens of suppliers, product codes and names can vary greatly, making it difficult to generate accurate reports, optimize product listings, and more. RecordLinker can normalize your data in seconds with our seamless automatic canonicalization.

Unlock the full power of your data

Linking records manually is time-consuming, error prone, and tough to scale as you grow. The right tool can make the difference between becoming truly data-driven and getting lost in the weeds.

Better insights

Enjoy accurate, comprehensive reporting and analytics. Quit guessing – make decisions that truly reflect your bottom line.

Efficient workflows

Give everyone access to the same views of key data. Break down silos and support collaboration. No more “multiple version” inconsistency tying up cross-functional projects.

Smoother M&A and migrations

Know exactly what you’re buying, or show potential acquirers beautiful, accurate data that improves your odds of selling while streamlining migration.

Keep your existing ETL tools/scripts

Keep your existing ETL system or scripts that move the data. RecordLinker is additive to your existing infrastructure - we will help you normalize the data, and then your existing tools continue their work based on the RecordLinker linkages.

Why RecordLinker?

RecordLinker is fast, fun, and efficient. You get full control over how records are linked – and our Machine Learning-powered system takes care of the tedious matching process itself (speeding up the normalization process tenfold!)

Flexibility & Scalability

You decide which standardized names to use. We can pull from your MDM system or you can easily add, edit, or remove them right in the RecordLinker. Once your records are linked, you can upload those linkages into any system you prefer.


The more of your data our Machine Learning-powered system processes, the better it gets at linking the right records.

Ease of Use

RecordLinker is designed to make life easy for your dev team: apps can request record linkage via API, and built-in webhooks can notify devs when a record is changed by the data team.

Four Simple Steps to Data Harmony

Our simple user interface makes it easy for business or back-office users to start linking records.


Define or upload your canonical record set

These are the standardized names you’ve chosen for the companies, products, locations, attribute names or values in your data. Each of your records will ultimately be linked to one of these names.


Upload (Excel or API) What you Need Normalized

Using machine learning, the system matches each entry to a canonical record.


Manually adjust linkages as needed

The system will learn from any changes you make and constantly improve in accuracy.


Choose your output

You can choose to have the linkages delivered via API, downloaded as Excel, or uploaded directly into your database.

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