Painless Data Conversion & Management for Overworked Teams

Turn system data migration and management into a fast, efficient process powered by Machine Learning and convenient User Interface. Your Data Team will enjoy integrations with your core systems (AMS), ML data checks, workflows, all in one place.


Mapping Manually in Excel or Outdated Systems Is Killing Your Data Team

You can’t outsource because in order to migrate a core system or to standardize your data mart you need a person who truly understands your internal systems, your business reporting requirements, and the industry, so you end up asking your very best and experienced person to do that.

…and your very best person now has to standardize 3,000 lines manually in Excel or to use dropdowns in some outdated conversion systems.


The Same Goes for Data Management in Your Core System

Many enterprise systems have been in the market for years. Using them to do basic data management feels exactly like going back 2 decades.

Clunky dropdowns, unintuitive and cluttered interfaces, tabs and windows upon windows, little to no bulk creation and editing options, no draft mode.

Try creating and configuring 100 new employee records, and there goes your day – wasted on creating these one by one 100 times. It’s crazy, and for many people it’s exactly how their work looked for 5-10-15 years.

You don’t have to work that way any more!

With RecordLinker Your Data Team Gets:

  • 10x faster conversions with up to 95% records matched by Machine Learning.
  • Exhilarating data management experience for your core system.
  • Thousands of hours work saved.

Which Teams Need RecordLinker?

If your team is doing lots of manual data work, they need RecordLinker.

AMS Migration

For each system, your migration team has to manually map 3,000 company names between input and your core system. Not only can a company have different spellings, but it can also merge with another company. Our Machine Learning handles that with ease and takes on the brunt of the most frustrating work for you. All that in a single clean User Interface.

Data Management

Outdated, user-unfriendly core system UI design turns simple tasks into repetitive menu drills. RecordLinker makes data management efficient with bulk imports, edits, draft mode, approvals, and collaboration options.

Business Intelligence

Different names for the same companies, vendors, and clients across various systems create a massive deduplication task for your BI team in your data warehouse. Focus on creating great dashboards and leave mundane data clean up to RecordLinker!

Mergers & Acquisitions

Too often, your M&A team lacks the technical ability to perform a data quality check on a potential acquisition. If you end up purchasing an agency that had extremely poor data governance in its core system, your data conversion pipeline throughput becomes unpredictable. Your M&A team can utilize our ML to obtain a data quality report during the due diligence phase within minutes.

Why RecordLinker?

Doing System Data Migrations and Management, BI, and M&A efficiently requires much more than just data management technology. It is a team effort, operating across multiple interconnected systems you already have.

Consistency of User Experience

RecordLinker is your singular productive space for data work. It manages various input formats and systems effortlessly. Once you upload your inputs, there's no need to switch between files, Excel sheets, or outdated mapping menus. Irrespective of the input system or format, all your work is done within one exceptionally user-friendly interface.

Amazing Team Collaboration

Sometimes, you need time to investigate. RecordLinker enables you to label items in question, add attachments, and leave comments. You'll even be able to invite other team members to review and comment on specific unresolved cases. RecordLinker lets different teams work on different tasks concurrently.

We Know Your Core System

RecordLinker integrates with your core system to pull and push master data. We have the ultimate knowledge of your target core system's business rules, ensuring data integrity for new information. Vertafore (AMS360, Sagitta, BenefitPoint, QQ), Applied Systems (Epic, TAM, Vision), Guidewire, Duck Creek, and many more.

Keep your existing ETL tools/scripts

Keep your existing ETL system or scripts that move the data. RecordLinker is additive to your existing infrastructure - we will help you normalize the data, and then your existing tools continue their work based on RecordLinker's output..

Our Clients

Our Clients

Your Trusted Enterprise Tech Partner

RecordLinker is designed to work with serious businesses. Our solution lives up to industry standards and has gained recognition through partner programs and innovation spotlights.


Vertafore Orange Partner

Converting to AMS360 or BenefitPoint? Imagine having 4 to 6 weeks to get a head start on mapping – using RecordLinker to prepare for a full migration of the acquired agency from Day 1, while our partners at Vertafore Professional Services work on copying the full database. Then, finish up in SmartMap with just a button click!


Guidewire Insurance Vanguards

We are a member of Guidewire Insurtech Vanguards. RecordLinker was recognized as an innovative tool that meaningfully impacts data teams' quality of work when it comes to standardizing different spelling variants for the “30 yr fixed” mortgage name across carrier systems.

Ready for the Luxury Hotel Experience
in Data Migrations and Management?

When your team uses RecordLinker, they feel empowered and appreciated.


Customized POC

We will set up and tailor RecordLinker to suit your internal systems, processes, and naming conventions.


Check How It Works on Your Data

Give us a list of your golden records (list or companies etc.) from your core system. We can also pull it via API from AMS360, BenefitPoint.


Machine Learning Does the Heavy Lifting for You

Our clients call it magic. The ML does its job in minutes. All you need to do then is to approve matches or edit them.

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