About RecordLinker:
ML-Based Entity Resolution Software

RecordLinker lets you work on your data in a modern, super consistent user interface.

With specialized Machine Learning, and a multitude of helpful features, it allows you to cut thousands of hours wasted on manually mapping records.

Data conversion between disparate systems and data mart strandardization has never been more accurate and consistent!

Our Data Matching Tool Origins

It began several years ago, when our team developed a complex, in-house machine learning-based cross-linking solution to normalize products & carriers among 150 million insurance policy records.

During the process, we discovered how costly it is to normalize various types of records across disparate data sources – an issue present in many industries (and one that costs millions of dollars per year).

That’s why we built RecordLinker: a simple solution that easily normalizes records across systems with minimal effort, maximum efficiency, and great user experience.

With our software, you decide which vendors, services, ETL and reporting tools you need for your business – and then you leave the data normalization task to us. Our software works at the data level so you don’t have to!

ML-mapped company names presented in a tree structure

Discover Our Data Management Capabilities

Visit these pages to understand what we do, how we do it, and whether it matches your current needs.

How It Works

A few main points in preparing your data for standradization.

Problems We Solve

What can be achieved thanks to RecordLinker, general use cases.

Feature List

Our full list of capabilities and quality-of-life features that improve the process for your data team.

Insurance Use Cases

Understand how RecordLinker works on specific types of data used in by the insurance industry.

Common Questions about
Our Entity Resolution Compatibility

Is RecordLinker insurance-only?

No! We are a data tool, RecordLinker can be preconfigured to match any specific business needs, and it makes no difference to machine learning algorithms.

We are mostly known for our presence in the insurance industry – this is thanks to our professional origin. Even within insurance, our configurations vary client-to-client. RecordLinker is adaptable – and we move fast as a partner to help you and keep our clients happy! 

Can you integrate with my <xYZ> system?

RecordLinker can work based on Excel imports and exports to feel like a fully pluggable extension to your data infrastructure.

We can also make use of your core system provider’s API to synchronize data and enable smooth export of linkages. Ask us directly, and we will assess it together for free, and work out the optimal solution.

Can you Handle My Data Categories?

Again, this is highly configurable client-to-client. Your best course of action is to have a quick chat with us about what you are trying to standardize. 

Example of data categories (domains) handled by RecordLinker

How Data Matching Feels With RecordLinker

“I just finished mapping all of First Fidelity. Once I got the hang of it, it went super fast. It’s a revelation! I feel like the program did all the work for me. If I have to go back to the old way of mapping ever, I’ll be so sad!”

— Meg Schuldt
PCF Insurance Services, data conversion team

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