Painless Migration to AMS360

Agency Management System migrations come with all sorts of challenges. Depending on the source system (Applied Epic, TAM, Vision, Gen4, EZLynx, ConceptOne and all the rest) and the destination Vertafore AMS (AMS360, BenefitPoint, Sagitta, AIM) – the conversion process looks very different and requires your conversion team to work with different file formats and vendor conversion systems.


How Your Conversion Process Looks Now


Your team can’t do anything for almost two months, and then – on the day the vendor conversion team loads the source backup – is the moment of trial. In the worst case, it’s the beginning of another stressful overtime marathon. In some cases, you will discover a lot of mismanaged data, and create a lot of investigative work for individual records.

How Your Conversions Become Painless with RecordLinker


You may pre-map the companies starting from day 1 without having to wait weeks for the  AMS backup file to be restored into the conversion portal. RecordLinker allows you to start working with as little as an Excel report from the source AMS.

With RecordLinker you have 2 months to discover any data problems and ask acquired agency to fix them. If anything is missing in your target AMS, you have plenty of time to create it in advance.

When you get the full database restored into the conversion portal by our partners at Vertafore Professional Services, all you need to do is to sync pre-mapped records between RecordLinker and SmartMap with just a button click.


Vertafore Orange Partner

We synchronize your companies, lines of business, employees, and many more via API from the AMS360 in real-time, so that our ML and your conversion team always works on the latest official set of AMS360 companies from your system.

Save Stress Converting Into AMS360

Your Team Gets The Luxury Hotel Experience

RecordLinker is super smart. It automatically recognizes file formats regardless of the source Agency Management System format you are converting from – Applied Epic, TAM, Vision, EZLynx, Gen4, and more. The process and the User Experience is the same no matter which system and the file format you are migrating from.

Convert companies, lines of business, employees, vendors, and many more with ease!

You get a modern UI that lets you manage different aspects of conversions in a single window. Full focus without switching tabs, looking for dropdowns, juggling multiple Excel spreadsheets, and toying with your browser.

Faster Conversions with Machine Learning

Forget about mapping each company/line of business/employee/vendor individually. RecordLinker uses confidence scoring to automatically map parent and child records. All you need to do is to approve the ML’s decision. If the ML is not sure about a proper match, then you can manually complete your mapping.

RecordLinker understands what you are trying to achieve, and will accordingly remap input records based on the changes you introduce to your golden records. Our tool learns from every completed conversion, and can get retrained with a single click – with time it will grow smarter to auto-map even up to 95% records for you.

Directly See Relationships Between Records (Tree Map)

You don’t have to manually check each company to discover its parent or children. We present your records in a hierarchical tree view, so you can easily understand what belongs where with a single glance.

Search AM Best and Understand The Current Industry Outlook

We overlay your data onto the AM Best tree. You can always check which companies may be missing from your AMS360, and whether you are linking to a proper company. You can search by NAIC or AMB identifier to see a complete history of changes for a specific company – including mergers and name changes.

Collaboration Options and Attachments

We know that conversions are a collaborative effort. You can mark items for investigation and make use of e-mail notifications to ensure a smooth workflow. RecordLinker allows you to leave comments and add attachments for specific input records. This way you can organize knowledge, keep your team updated, and allow coworkers to understand certain mapping decisions or special cases.

How It Feels To Use RecordLinker

“I just finished mapping all of First Fidelity. Once I got the hang of it, it went super fast. It’s a revelation! I feel like the program did all the work for me. If I have to go back to the old way of mapping ever, I’ll be so sad!”

— Meg Schuldt
PCF Insurance Services, data conversion team

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