Four Simple Steps to Data Harmony

Our simple user interface makes it easy for business or back-office users to start linking records.

Upload your canonical record set

These are the standardized names you’ve chosen for the people, places, or things in your data. Each of your records will ultimately be linked to one of them. You can upload your canonical records as an Excel file or send them via API.

Upload your messy data (the records you want to normalize)

Using machine learning, our system will match each entry to one of your canonical records. Again, you can choose to share these records as an Excel upload or via API.

Manually adjust linkages as needed

Our system will flag any linkages that it isn’t sure about (i.e. those that are below its machine learning confidence level) so your team can review them manually. RecordLinker learns from any changes you make and constantly improves in accuracy.

Download your linkages

You can choose to have the linkages delivered via API, or download them as an Excel file. Just plug them into your existing ETL or in-house system for migration or conversion. Get ready to say goodbye to messy, fragmented data!

Focus on what really matters

RecordLinker gives you the power to quickly and accurately link records, freeing up valuable time and organizational resources that would have otherwise been spent correcting data errors. These data errors quickly add up, creating downstream problems with accuracy, integrity, and long-term decision making. We ensure your manual effort is minimized so you can focus on what really matters: actionable insights.

Whether you're buying, Building, or Integrating, RecordLinker has you covered

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