Migration and Conversion

We were tired of hearing the same tam-dam-dam soundtrack on each SaaS video we click. So here is the silent one for you – no sound, just great content about how our Machine Learning saves you time. Enjoy!

When it comes to migrating and converting your data, you have a host of tools to choose from. You could opt for one of many fantastic ETL vendors currently on the market, or use your application provider’s conversion portal, or employ custom-written migration scripts.

All these options have plenty to offer in support of a smooth migration or conversion. However, they have a specific focus on transforming the value (transactional) records themselves; for example, all orders or all policies. But what about reference data – i.e. customer names, product names, vendor names, and other fields that provide context for all those transactional records?

Most ETL and in-house solutions aren’t able to normalize reference data. Nor do they provide any efficient logic to simplify that step in the conversion process. Unfortunately, that means someone in your team will likely have to take this on as a manual project, plugging reference data values into Excel and transforming it into the correct values for the conversion.

This is a frustrating, tedious, and error-prone process, and it only gets harder to keep up as your data needs grow and change.

We’re here to end the nightmare! Our system features an intuitive user interface and machine learning functionality. Just set up your canonical values list, and RecordLinker will get to work matching and normalizing your reference data so that it’s ready for the next phase of your migration or conversion. Once that’s done, you can download the new values to your ETL tool, extract them via API, or convert them to a custom script. The choice is yours!

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