RecordLinker is a pluggable Data Normalization solution that uses advanced Machine Learning. We focus on solving one problem – linking disparate records across systems – and we do it really, really well.

  • Ease of Use

    • You don’t need technical expertise to use RecordLinker. Just create or upload your canonical values list, share your messy data, and you’re ready to start linking.
    • Choose the right level of automation. You can keep your existing system of canonical records and perform linkages manually via our intuitive user interface. Or, make full use of RecordLinker’s machine learning and train the system to link your records automatically. Either way, it’s straightforward and beginner-friendly!
    • Our host of simple yet powerful data management tools go beyond simply matching records. Easily edit and grow your canonical values list, or enrich and modify your data as your needs change.
  • Flexibility

    • RecordLinker works with the tools you already have and involves minimal disruption to your workflow. No need to swap or remove your existing ETL tools or migration scripts.
    • Get your results in whatever format works best for you, whether that’s an Excel download, an API extraction, or a custom script.
  • Constant improvement

    • Our machine learning model constantly learns from your manual linkages, meaning it only gets more accurate over time. The more you use it, the more you can start to put data normalization on autopilot.
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